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Examples of Relief Prints...

1422758869627.18 (1) (1).jpg
Awakening Seed relief brown orange 6x10.
Awakening Seed 6x10
Awakening Seed relief orange 6x10.JPG
Seven Chalices relief dk brown 5x8.JPG
Seven Chalices relief br yellow 5x8.JPG
Portale woodcut color on blue 5.5x7.JPG

PORTALE       4 color woodcut

Portale relief brown 4x5.JPG
desert exploration bw 5.5x8.JPG
Desert Exploration orange 5.5x8.jpg
desert exploration brown on tan 5.5x8.JP
Patio Pots  5x8
portale word below.JPG
Portale wood cut bright on tan 5.5x7.JPG
Free Bird (into the Wilderness) relief 8
Farm Pond bluegr  3x4.5
Patio Pots w border gr red 7.5x11.5.jpg
 Eclipse documentation blue relief 5.5x8
Two Pilgrims relief redcream 3x4.5.JPG
Morning Plowman relief red cream 3x4.5.J
morrocan pots green tan.JPG
Morning Plowman relief green 3x4.5.jpg
Red Mesa Cliffs relief bw 4.5x10.JPG
Red Mesa Cliffs relief color 4.5x10.JPG
Pasture  green 3x4.5
Bathing in Candle Light 26x