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Biography       J. W. Davidson

Jack grew up in the isolated countryside of New York State, the third of six children. His interest soon turned toward the world of plants, growing and collecting them as would an explorer and absorbed all the lore that surrounded them. He found employment in public gardens and nurseries, cultivating a large garden and built a home. He began his artistic pursuit with architecture then the arts. but not until later did he discover printmaking when he began to split his time between the isolation of his home and garden in N.Y. and Tucson AZ. He developed a deep passion for printmaking. Jack has traveled the country visiting and studying the natural world which informs him in his work. The life of J. Goethe and R. Steiner inspire him.

Besides educated in Fine Arts he also holds a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Arizona. He has worked with form and shape to create natural outdoor spaces which may serve as a mold in which the spirit may realize itself.


Jack applies the Lazure painting method in therapeutic settings such as Camphill communities and Clinics, Waldorf schools, Chapels and Residences throughout the country. It brings color to life, filling the space and negates the solidity of the wall plane.


Printmaking, Landscape Design and Lazure has filled most of Jack's life. Today he practices the fine art of printmaking at his home studio in the foothills of the Tucson Mountains and regularly exhibits and sells his work in the southwest.

Artist Statement        J. W. Davidson

When it comes to where ideas come from many error in thinking it is a process of getting an idea from somewhere. I think it better to render myself receptive to ideas approaching me. In this way, the source is revealed, not something to be found. This idea is then brought forth by the artist in the print making process as if it is a message to answer what the viewers heart is yearning to hear. Many of my prints portray the journey that life is and the truths we seek and a revelation of ways nature depicts the creative formative forces at work.



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