cactus mon (1).jpg
Saguaro National Monument brownishyellow
Horizons color 4x5.5.jpg
agave skyward 4x5
agave skyward orange 4x5.JPG
agave skyward 4x5.JPG
Hill Figure 4.5x5
copper lemniscat.JPG
dreamscape  8.5x10.jpg
Arrival (house that jack built ) blue 6x
tumamoc hill.jpg
Dreamscape 8.5x10
Sabino Sycamore 5.5x7
Sabino  canyon Sycamore colored 5.5x7.5.
Light and Darkness and Our St George  6x
Tree Celebration  color 7.5x10.5.JPG
Pusch Ridge Mt Sheep bw 6x9.JPG
Arrival (house that jack built) 6x9
Goat Yard brown 4.5x6
tumamoc hill dk blue 8.5x12
Procession at Mission delbac blue 8.5x12
Procession at Mission del bac brown .JPG
Horses in Rain color 4.5x5.5
Sycamores  brown 9x12
Old Bisbee bw 6x9.JPG
Old Bisbee sepia 6x9.jpg
Hillside Farm 8"x10"
Old Bisbee  4.5x11.5 long bw .JPG
Hillside Farm br 8x10.jpg
bisbee longer colored.jpg
Hero and the Crown 10x17.5.jpg
Woodcutters colore 5x7.jpeg
Man is god's Religion 9x9.jpg
man is gods religeon brown.JPG
Dreaming Trees and Forgotten Memories 9.
Earthlink 12.5x17.5
Dreaming Trees and Forgotten Memories lt
viscocity sized1.jpg
tree celebration.jpg
Sylvan Portrait colorful 10x12.JPG
Sylvan Portrait bw 10x12

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